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Interactive job adverts

Here you can easily create job adverts where the candidates evaluate themselves directly against the work experience and competence you are looking for.


Choose where you want to distribute your job ad. We can publish it on social media, professional sites and traditional job marketplaces where relevant candidates can be reached.

Qualified candidates

You will be notified by email as soon as new candidates show interest. Start the dialogue immediately!

Examples from some of our customers

With our recruitment platform, you capture the most important information about the candidates directly in the job ad and lower the threshold to show an interest. This way you reach top qualified candidates much faster.

Bjørge Karlsøen - CEO - Kvikstep

Are you missing out on the best candidates?

With traditional recruitment methods, chances are you will miss the best candidates. Over 75% of the candidates do not complete the first part of the application process.

Over 80% of candidates read job adverts on their mobile, yet most apply from PCs due to complex application processes.

Our dynamic job ads are both mobile and candidate friendly!

Candidates who are not actively seeking new jobs often spend over 4 hours updating CVs, application letters and online profiles before being ready to apply for a new job.

Let the candidates self-evaluate if they fit the job within minutes.

With traditional recruitment methods, it usually takes several weeks before you have a shortlist of candidates.

With Kvikstep, you can easily combine multiple distribution channels to speed up the process.

Want to know more about how Kvikstep can help you with a easier and more efficient recruitment process? Contact us at or call +47 930 30 958 .

A better recruitment process


Targeted advertising of the campaign on social media and other relevant channels gives you access to both passive candidates and active job seekers.

Candidate friendly

Interactive, mobile-friendly recruitment campaigns allow candidates to easily evaluate whether they match the job without having to submit a CV or application letter.

Fast and easy

Candidates evaluate themselves against your needs in the same way and with the same criteria. This makes it easier to be objective when evaluating the candidates and ensuring a fairer process.

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