Frequently asked questions

Setting up a landing page

What questions should I ask the candidate?

Be as specific as possible in your questioning. In this way, the candidates better understand what they are actually applying for. Under “Responsibilities” you can ask about the accumulated experience from the actual work assignments to be performed, and under “Competence” you ask about what competence the candidate has from areas needed for the position.

I would like to change the color of the boxes on the landing page to our company colors, how do I get there?

By tapping the color palette icon below the top image you will find an option to change the color palette on the landing page.

I have published my campaign but would like to adjust my match score, can I do this?

You can adjust your match score at any time, both before and during the campaign period.

How do I add video?

All videos published in Vimeo or YouTube have an ID, this ID must be added to the Video configuration box. If you want to have a video at the top of the landing page, mark for this at the same time.

What does the least acceptable match score mean?

This is the level you set as a minimum requirement for the candidate to be allowed to submit his details. The higher the score, the narrower it is.This can be adjusted even after the ad is published if you believe the requirement is too low / high.

How do I get a full screen image?

In the edit dialog for the top image, check the box for the full screen background image.

I chose the wrong language when creating a campaign, how can I change this?

It is not possible to change the language of a campaign after it has been created, as there are some texts that lie as a basic package linking to language. Create a new ad with the language you want.

I want to create an almost identical landing page as the previous one I used. Is this possible?

You can easily do this from the campaign dashboard. Click into the campaign you want to copy, then click on copy and a new landing page will be created - but with the same content as the original. Now you can do the changes wanted for the new campaign.


Can I pay by invoice?

In order to pay with an invoice, you must create a company profile. Hover your mouse over the icon in the upper right corner, select create new company profile, fill in requested information and press create. After your company profile is approved by Kvikstep staff, you can pay by invoice.

Is there a discount scheme?

We have a discount scheme, which you can access if you create a company profile. The discount is calculated based on the number of published campaigns over the last 12 months.

I registered on Kvikstep and created a demo ad, does this cost anything?

Cost only apply for campaigns published, all other use of the system is free.

I want to test your service before committing to any more use of Kvikstep, is this possible?

We have no subscription models, you only pay per published campaign.

Do you have support for credit card payment?

No problem, we support credit card payment, and this option is available even without a company profile.


I've published with the package I want - what happens next?

If you have chosen a package without distribution, then use the link presented as a public publishing address to distribute your campaign wherever you want. If you have chosen a package where Kvikstep takes care of the distribution you can relax - we will take care of distribution process.

How can I distribute the campaign?

Each campaign has a public publishing URL. You direct traffic from job boards, SoMe channels and other media to this URL. Many job portals have the option "Use external search form" which you must check, and then add the public publishing address there.

How do I create a social media ad?

Log in to, click on a campaign, select edit in the left menu - press the landing page in the top menu, and change your selection to SoMe ad. Now you can edit texts and images to fit into SoMe formatted ad.

I want to extend my campaign but for the extended period I want to do the distribution myself, is this possible?

Extending your campaign is no problem and you decide which distribution package you want to go for in the next period./p>

I would like to have an overview of how my campaign is performing at all times, where can I find an overview of this?

On your campaign-dashboard you can always see how your campaign is performing. We have statistics that show the number of impressions for your campaign, what medium, what source the candidates come from and in addition we have a simple overview showing how you have categorized your candidates at all times.

Candidate management

How can I ask the candidate for more information?

At the top right on the candidate profile, press the button "Request more information". Select the type of information you want to collect. The candidate will automatically be asked to enrich their candidate profile with the information you need. You will be notified when the candidate profile is updated.

I have evaluated my candidates and used the Relevant, Rejected and Evaluated categories. Now I want to change the category of any of these, is it possible?

You can change which category your candidates belong to at any time to reflect the current situation.

How can I know that a new candidate has expressed his/her interest in the position?

Every time a new candidate declares their interest in the position, we send out an email to everyone who is registered with access rights “View candidates” on the campaign.

Administration Rights

I want more people to have access to manage the campaign, how do I do that?

You can give access rights to as many as you want for each campaign. Invite those who should have access from the campaign dashboard, and you choose what level of access each one should have. Everyone who is invited to a campaign automatically receives an email notification letting them know that they have been granted access rights to that specific campaign.

Are there predefined email templates that I can use in connection with candidate management?

We have predefined email templates, and to get access you must register a company profile. You can add your own email templates here to be used as well.

Company Profile

I want default colors and images that match our media profile to be used every time a new campaign is created, is this possible?

You can add company logo, picture, color and company text as the default starting point for all landing pages created under your company profile.

I want to add more email templates to use in candidate management, how do I do this?

You can add as many email templates as you need under your company profile. If you don’t have the necessary rights for this, you must contact your administrator to create new templates.

Do you have any other questions? Send us an email and we will be happy to help you!